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February 18, 2014 in From the Hearth, Guests, Hearth and Home by Dawne Skeye

FlynnThe weather around here has been pretty wild of late, snow, sleet, freezing rain, regular rain, brilliant sunshine and power outages here and there, I don’t remember the wind howling quite so much last year, then again last year I lived in town. My experiment with rural living is drawing to a close; I do love it here with the open space, well water, all the deer I’ve watched grow from fauns to yearlings, the rabbits, eagles, ravens and turkey vultures. My furry feline has enjoyed being here too, always lots of bugs and spiders to eat, the occasional field mouse and butterflies to chase, and his invisible friends. My sensitivity to energy is always going in this home, ever since I moved here, there’s a constant current, and the energy tube that runs through us all is tingling more often than not. One of my spiritual mentors referred to that sometimes gentle and sometimes almost jarring jolt of energy as a kind of quickening, I’ve heard some folks say it’s just your wings growing, either way it’s become part of my everyday experience in this home. Flynn my cat has enjoyed himself too, he can be resting then suddenly raises his head, his eyes grow with ears up and I swear he actually grins then chirrups and starts running around the place, I’m not sure what he is seeing, though it makes him happy and I just think he’s playing with his invisible friends. I’m hoping he will forgive me for moving again, and that he settles into our new digs without too much upset to his world.

I’m going to miss it here too, though I’m beginning to feel excited about my new home and envision living there, and I want to stay for a long time. I’ve been tracing the threads back and realise that my first home in the valley on Cumberland Road was awesome, I loved that apartment, its huge balcony, the space, it was within walking distance to many places, roomy and it really was my home. I had a lot of pot lucks and mini feasts, friends old and new felt comfortable there, and so did I. So why did I move? In hindsight I see it was a kind of reaction, a woman who was my friend at the time got a little unbalanced because I joined a Wiccan circle and got it into her head that I had joined a cult. Things just escalated from there, she called my counsellor saying I was into bad things then called the police saying I was sacrificing animals in my apartment. That was fun! My brother wanted to straighten her out because he knows that I have worked with, rescued and helped out so many animals during my life and he was angry on my behalf. This woman and I lived in the same building and I tried to brush things off, but you know I have my limits and I decided the best thing was to move just because I was so tired of the b.s.

I had a short stay renting a room with a friend then got into a town house short term to get some home care and after that I moved into a communal house. It was a nice space and a beautiful home but there were some uncool issues with the house manager, I lasted for a year before I found my current home. The major attraction here is quiet, country, growing food and herbs, nature, a beautiful space the minuses are it’s just too expensive commuting back and forth into town, and most of my friends can’t visit because I’m not on a bus route, so when I’ve gone away for medical stuff or visiting friends down island no one has been able to check in on my cat or water the plants, and I don’t like that. On the positive it’s been a good reminder of being environmentally conscious with being on well water and septic tanks, having to take garbage to the dump and recycle because there are no services here.  It has made me think twice before I purchase anything, is the material recyclable, if not can I use it for another purpose, do I really need or want it and will this thing still be existing on the planet 100 years after I die and be someone else’s problem?

I have found that many consumer goods are not what they appear to be, everything from food to household products, the words natural and even organic often don’t tell the whole story behind the ingredients and if something is removed it’s often replaced with another ingredient that really isn’t any better. I’ve been a label reader for a long time and I couldn’t tell you how often I read ingredients and shake my head. Actually it happened today when I was shopping with a friend, we were looking at organic broth, and its main ingredient is organic chicken flavour-what the hell is that? I was expecting to find organic chicken listed somewhere, it wasn’t! It’s like when you see “gluten free” plastered over foods that never had any gluten to begin with. It’s like seriously? I wonder what the next buzz word will be. I’ll be cooking some real chicken then making broth from its bones thank you!

I really am holding the energy that I keep eco consciousness alive and well when I move to the new digs, and I have so many ideas and things I would like to do in my new space. I’m looking forward to all the creativity, and making it a cosy, comfortable, welcoming yet a simple and practical home. In some strange way it feels like I’m unwinding the threads back to that first apartment, I am so looking forward to having more friends within walking distance and being able to walk or ride my bike to work. The weather may be changeable, and you know there’s spring in my step!

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