Home-Schooling and Paganism

January 17, 2011 in Guests by Danielle McCleary

homeschooling_homeAs a Home-Schooling Parent I find life is great!  Home Schooling and Paganism go hand in hand in lots of ways.  We have more time to spend with our children and can teach them about nature and Science in the same day and to look at things in a different perspective.

Most people today say “we don’t have time!!” or “We both have to work and life is too chaotic.” But we have found that home-schooling actually makes our lives easier.  We have a very relaxed schedule and can go where my daughter needs to be.  This actually has put her ahead of the game by one to two grade levels of most of the kids her age.

So Why Home-school?

My husband and I first discussed this very question when my daughter was first born. And after very little discussion we knew this was the way to go for us.  At four we started to seriously do kindergarten curriculum that we felt she was ready to do.  Now in the state of Florida the age to start homeschooling and recording information is actually six years of age. Another reason why we home-school is that nature Walks and pets are a big part of our life.  So they can be a part of our curriculum.

We incorporate religion regularly as she’s usually my hubby’s guinea pig for his blog “PaganDad”.  It is Paganism that leads us into history lessons, science and nature lessons, vocabulary, and of course religion.  This is a huge reason to home-school if you’ve ever thought about trying it out.


Now don’t get me wrong, home-schooling isn’t always easy and isn’t for everyone.  Some kids need the school environment to thrive but we have found that our daughter does well without it.  One of the most oft-asked questions I hear so many people ask is, “What about the socialization aspect?”  And by the gods I hate that question as so do many of the home-schoolers I know.  How is a child that runs around Home-shcooling Co-Ops and Girl Scouts with all those other kids be unsocialized?  Now don’t get me wrong I’ve met a couple of very shy home-schooled kids but most of the ones I know, you would think go to school.

Just remember life isn’t a race to see who can get there the fastest although that is one of societies biggest lessons that is taught to kids in schools today. To be the best and finish first with the best time.  I find that this actually makes some of us the worst kinds of people. It creates a culture full of people preoccupied with themselves and not concerned about the welfare of others.  And it should be everyone’s goal to teach their kids that the true meaning of life, is becoming a spiritually self-fulfilled and a good person.

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