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The season’s trappings have passed and people are talking about New Year’s resolutions. You know I don’t make decrees about how I will change my life when the calendar flips to the next year. Why? Well, every year on my birthday I sit down and write out year #(insert age) goals, and write out a monthly plan of things I would like to do each month. My birthday is in mid December, so it’s near the year’s end so I suppose that’s close enough for the movers and shakers, though it seems more personal to orient pledges to the day that celebrates my arrival on this planet. Did I shriek “I’m coming through!” and arrive with a bang? No. My birth mother was delirious during most of the labour, she lived at a home for unwed mothers in England, she was 19 when I came along, and I was breech nearly killing us both, it was a good thing I only weighed 4 lbs 2 oz at birth, and I was full term! Some of the stories she told me about her lack of care and the nun’s treatment of us both make me cringe to this day; a year later when she was married and had my eldest brother it was a whole different experience. It’s true I was “a love child” from the 60’s, and it’s sad that there was such an unsupported reaction to the natural consequences of sharing love, though it was still better than 20 years before when her own mother, a young widow had a child out of wedlock. At least we can say things are getting better and more supportive as the wheel turns, perhaps one day it’ll return to the “it takes a community to raise a child” philosophy. And I just have to say that my birth mother abandoned the pagan brother and sisterhood that our family has been involved with for many generations, things would have been very different had she stayed. Then we each have our own journey to find what works best for our lives, isn’t that true?

I’ve been delving more into the lore around my birth lately, perhaps on a quest for understanding myself, though I feel that life experience has a huge influence no matter what cards we come in with. I’m born under the realm of the dark goddess, I don’t mean the Crone, many traditions have the Maiden, Mother and Crone aspects, however my family’s tradition also has The Dark One, and She Who is Mysterious and ever shape shifting. A Lady of intuition and clairvoyance, she rebels against the laws and rules that try to define or constrain, full of passion and intensity, yet also understated, hidden and often secretive. Her children share these gifts and can shift into whatever persona is effective for a particular situation, not surprisingly; snake is one of her totems. The other side of the dark goddess is deception, control, and shady emotions; she can also use sensuality and seduction as a means to an end, and may play for high stakes. We call her She Who Knows, or The Dark Lady, because she is always shifting, the closest equivalent would probably be Circe the Goddess of Sorcery.

So I’m a wood snake, that means I am attuned to the energies of the wood and forest, and my nature is gentle and receptive, though I can have feelings of doubt about my value and strength. The snake itself is associated with the new moon and both Venus and Pluto, perhaps for beauty and venom, like Meretseger, the Egyptian cobra goddess who is merciful and perilous as she may heal or destroy. Snakes can be very mystical, wise, artistic, talented, intellectual, creative and perceptive and we can be secretive, illogical, addicted, fanatical, snobby or materialistic.  Did you know that Anne Rice, Liv Tyler, J.K. Rowling and Audrey Hepburn are snake women with dark lady influences in their charts? These women have been trend setters during their lives, often breaking traditional roles. Snakes can hypnotize and draw attention because people are fascinated by their views and behaviour, though they like to be coiled and observant too, the shifting thing again to find balance! Sometimes the public persona is very different from the private person. I can see that in my life, I’m actually quite an introvert yet there’s many times I’m asked to do public speaking, I have been a feature solo singer in the past, part of a duet act and I still perform in other aspects. Though I’m quite happy to sit at my laptop and write in relative quiet, and to walk in the woods and rescue plants from the discount sale!

I see astrology and lore as pieces to the puzzle of my life, we are all born into intricate weavings of a web of life, all carrying certain traits and lessons, with our genetic history no matter where we come from or where we live today. It’s an amazing journey and making some plans along the way can be a helpful thing!

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