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February 4, 2014 in From the Hearth, Guests, Hearth and Home, Pagan Spirituality by Dawne Skeye

May you all have experienced a wonderful Imbolc as the wheel is turning; now we can look towards Ostara and all the planting of seeds and life springing up around us. It’s true that a February freeze is still possible yet we can physically see that the days are getting longer, and the sun does feel warmer and somehow brighter on a mild sunny day. My own life is in a state of change, I had planned to move at the end of April, and then a number of circumstances lined up perfectly with so much grace and ease that I wondered if it was some kind of set up. Where did this all begin? I do love the area where I live, it’s very scenic, quiet and rural, I’ve enjoyed watching the new fawns grow to maturity, watched the eagles and hawks and even a few vultures, on a foggy day you can hear the ocean, and it’s very peaceful. The problem is that the costs of living out of town have been adding up, services included in the rent don’t work much of the time, driving back and forth adds up and it just isn’t very practical for a number of reasons. One of the basic teachings and mysteries of Wicca is that we have the power to cause change in our lives by understanding and working with Universal/natural laws, though you look after the mundane practical things before turning to magic spells because no one ever knows the full consequences and ripple effects of magic.

My practical part of this journey was making a pro’s and con’s list for staying here or moving and the reasons to move outweighed the reasons to stay. Pretty basic stuff, then I wrote out another list of the things I would like my new home to have, to give me a better idea of what I am seeking, I wrote this in my regular journal, not even my Book of Shadows that’s really my spiritual journal.  When I visited the North Island I was very aware of something calling me there, yet there are some very physically oriented circumstances that mean moving to a smaller town, with a population less than 1,000 is not a wise or practical option for me at this time in my life. I then thought about moving further North to Campbell River, and looked at a number of possible homes, yet nothing felt right and I was getting an internal no, I’ve learned to listen to that guidance. Then I realised I did want to stay in the valley, I work and volunteer here, most friends live in town, I’m connected with other spiritual groups outside of my circle and it’s taken time to build a reliable chain of support. It isn’t that the valley doesn’t fit it’s that the living arrangements aren’t working, so that’s what needed to change.

I looked at a few places, though nothing was quite right, so I just put things on the back burner so to speak. I just thought okay, when the time is right, I’ll find a new home, give my notice, prepare to move etc.  One of my friends has been very helpful with getting the word out, even arranging viewings, and then she mentioned that to another mutual friend who happens to be an apartment manager. This other friend had two suites available for March, and I viewed them with her, and I knew the ground floor was for me, it’s open and bright with a patio out back, and also pet friendly, two plants rosemary and lilac that are sacred to me are growing out back. I took that as a sign, and wondered how I would get the security and pet deposit together in time to secure the place and two days later I got the first loan, and not long after the second from another source and I will be moving in at the end of the month. It all went so smoothly that a part of me is expecting something to happen; there must be some hiccup that I haven’t seen. Perhaps I’m so used to resistance that it feels strange when there isn’t a ripple and the water is calm, I just need to be and appreciate how supportive and generous life is.

One friend remarked that I was in flow because I had surrendered the home hunting groove, by letting it go I allowed the powers that be to do their thing.  I thought about that for a while, it is true that my intentions of moving caused a ripple of energy to flow, it could be that by getting out of the way, or surrendering that it allowed the energy to return with everything I needed for support, instead of me forcing the issue. As long as I can keep the drama aspect at bay, meaning creating the drama by complaining about having to move, and thinking of all that could go wrong and attracting it to me things will be okay. I can tackle the packing listening to music that motivates me to keep moving, and or singing while I work, instead of getting in that I have to do this and dislike it energy. Maybe that’s a kind of personal magic we call motivation. I’m fortunate too because there are people willing to help me move for very reasonable rates, and they are also connected through the friend network, so there are ripples affecting other people’s lives, and how wonderful it is for the positive.

I am reminded that when things seem overwhelming, it’s good to step back and pull out some paper and something to write with, make two columns of what is working and what isn’t and what you discover can be both informative and amazing. It’s just practical magic!

Until next time, abundant blessings my friends


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