Some Passed Down Yule Traditions

December 10, 2011 in Guests by ladykaldea

The traditions of Yule are passed down through the generations, and some are basic family traditions. For me, I love baking. I seemed to have inherited that talent from my grandmother. She was always baking in the kitchen when I was growing up. My mother would always be there to help, and to take down the recipes which Grandma seemed to pull out of the air. It was a warm comforting tradition which was passed down through the generations of my family. It comes from the time when families were always sharing the chores and food preparations and each other’s company. It was from a time when there was no TV and even no radios. It was a time when people worked side by side and shared in life.

Now I carry on the tradition. For my birthday (which is near Yule) I go out to find a live tree. This tradition was started when I was very
young and my grandfather would take me out to a tree farm to find just the right tree for Christmas. Ever since then, the only thing I ask for on
my birthday is the live tree. It reminds me of my grandfather and the times he spent with me in the garden and on those treks find the
perfect tree.

My recipes are the other tradition I keep going. All of my baking is done from scratch. No mixes for me! I look for the ingredients which
have the least amount of chemicals and take my time working on them. The most recent attempts have been an eggnog cheesecake and a rum
bunt cake. Both these I got off the web and have been very successful with them. I also recreated an almond poppy seed cookie which did not
include a box of sugar cookie mix. That too has become a greatly sought after success. I will continue to hone my skills as a baker and hope I live
up to my Grandma’s expectations.

May you all have a wonderful Yuletide!

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