Welcome to The Pagan Household! This blog is about the many different types and sizes of households that live according to Pagan Traditions. Maybe your household is just you; maybe it’s a group of roommates, maybe it’s you and a spouse, you and your kids, or several generations living under one roof – or maybe it’s something else entirely. Whatever your household looks like, if you’re incorporating your spiritual journey and the rhythms of the world around us into your daily life, this blog is for you.

To summarize, The Pagan Household;

  • Is a place where the rhythms of the world drive life around us
  • Is about being self-sufficient and confident in our own abilities
  • Is a place of virtue and a good example to the friends in our lives
  • Is a place where Deity is honored in all things that are done
  • Is the foundation of a Strong and Spiritual Family
  • Is a place to raise up the next generation in faith
  • Is a place where magick is practiced daily. Practically with every breath
  • Is as different as the people make up each and every Pagan Household

Interested in Contributing?

The Pagan Household is a site that relies upon the wisdom and input of you, the reader, to create content. So of course we would love to have you involved.

But we do get a lot of guest posters so here are some tips to make sure that we accept your post.

  • Make sure to be unique. Take a different perspective
  • Make it practical. If it applies to our everyday life then we will want to read it. And our readers will want to read it as well.
  • The post needs to be available for exclusive use at The Pagan Household
  • Be sure to give us everything you want to see in the final post. Links, text, pictures etc
  • Make sure it is yours, picture included
  • Include a headline, body text, your byline, and an image


  • Practical application of magick in everyday life
  • Kitchen Witchery
  • Seasonal crafts, recipes and activities

How you should Format your Submission

  • Please don’t use bold
  • Unless it is for subheadings
  • If you want to markup a link with HTML then by all means feel free. If not just put the link in brackets after the text you want to be a link


Here at The Pagan Household we love to include images in posts. So here are some suggestions;

  • Please be sure that all images are around 72dpi and no wider then 540 pixels
  • You are responsible for copyright
  • Make sure that your image jumps out and draws attention to the post. Posts with eye catching images, get more views.
  • You can either email them to us as attachments or send us a link to them on your server and we will host them here.

Post Length

Your post should be long enough to accomplish what you set out to do in the article. So use your voice and stick to your style.


We reserve the right to edit all posts before publishing on The Pagan Household. We rarely edit them heavily but we may change titles, rework the beginning or end, or correct grammar and spelling.

But please don’t be offended. We just want your post to be as successful as possible. If we feel that it needs more work then we are comfortable doing then we will send it back to you with notes, so that the article can be yours but with the changes that it needs.


This blog is all about promoting the contributors to it. So by all means include a byline. Give us a sentence or two about who you are and what you have to offer. You may want to include your RSS feed address or maybe your blog address.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via our contact form and we’ll do our best to answer them. Also please submit any ideas you have about writing there as well.

Blessed Be!