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Belated harvest greetings to you! We’re still in the harvest energy so I thought I’d share some info and a gratitude and prosperity exercise.

Autumn Equinox has a number of names some are: Summers End, Harvest Home, Harvest of Fruit, Harvest of Wine, Brewers Day, Harvest Height, Mell Day, Kern Feast, The Ingathering, Second Harvest and Mabon.

The Goddess energies associated with this time of year are: Lady Giver Of Life, Bountiful One of the Harvest, Modron, Morgan, Pamona, Persephone, and Epona. For the God aspect: the Sun King, Lord of the Harvest, Mabon, Thoth, Thor, Hermes, and The Green Man.

On the equinox all is balanced, we are grateful for all that has been given and take time to acknowledge what is passing away. We reap the fruits of our efforts as we stand at the gateway of the year’s waning, completing any unfinished business before Samhain. Projects started in Spring are ending their cycle, some are finished, others may be caught in limbo, forgotten and neglected. Thank those energies and release them to the earth to be grounded and transformed back into the flow.

The growing cycle is reaching its end, and our yearly journey around the wheel follows that rhythm. We let go of ego and physical reality as we travel towards the dark to explore the inner realms of spirit; all humanity passes over the threshold of death in an astrological sense as we mirror the God’s journey. He gives his physical being for the greater good, so the cycles of life will continue; his blessing remains with us in the grain and fruit we have harvested and sustains us through the winter.

Darkness is a place of transformation; where we discover the true nature of our being. revealing our strengths and uniqueness, how we fit into the world and what we have to contribute. I think of Persephone, abducted to the Underworld, she didn’t like Hades or his home, eventually she recognized her own power to create change and ease the distress of it’s residents, and she begins to love Hades as he is her opposite and balance.

Mabon is also about gratitude for what you do have, and sharing your wealth with family, friends and your community in a balanced way. Consider these questions…

Do you know your shadow as well as the bright light within?

Is your inner guidance as valuable to you as external messages?

Do you lovingly share the plentiful in your life or do you hoard it?

Do you honour the generosity of the planet that sustains you or do you only see lack?

How do you support the dreams and creativity of others? Do you give yourself the same support?

Do you acknowledge and recognize the growth in yourself as much as you see it in others?

Do you celebrate your own success as much as you celebrate it in other people?


Apple Magic

Apple Magic

The apple is an ancient symbol of life death rebirth and connection, this is an exercise in gratitude and abundance.Sit quietly holding an apple and think about the very first apple tree that ever existed and how it’s falling fruit provided the seeds for all future apple trees. All the seedlings growing, blossoming, maturing, bearing fruit and seeding more and more off spring until apples are all over the world just like today

Consider the first person to discover that an apple was good food to eat. That person shares his discovery with family and friends, and they share with their family and friends and more and more people experience eating apples. Some farmers observe the growing patterns of the trees and learn how to cultivate their own and they share their knowledge with the community so everybody can grow apples and this pattern continues and expands right up to today.

Reach back in time to the first person who tasted an apple and those who learned to grow the trees, and down the ages right to this day, and all the people who made it possible for you to hold an apple right now, say these words

We give thanks for the bounty of this earth, and all those who brought it to us
Thank you for sharing, your abundance is my blessing
Thank you for sharing, your abundance is my blessing
Thank you for sharing, your abundance is my blessing

The cycle continues each seed growing into a sapling, a tree, budding, blossoming, producing fruit, and ripening, always providing and then resting over the winter. Feel the apple you’re holding and think of every person in the world having an apple to eat, imagine all the future generations who will also enjoy the taste of apples. Let’s reach out and send blessings to today and to all the generations to come, say these words

We give thanks for the bounty of this earth, and we carry it to you
We love sharing, our abundance is your blessing
We love sharing, our abundance is your blessing
We love sharing, our abundance is your blessing

There is another step to empower the apple by stating a strength you have or wish to, then eat the apple. Say this or your own words

You are amazing, there is so much strength within you
Your strength uplifts the world, I see it in you and I see it in me

 (I AM amazingwithin ME, MY strength uplifts the world and I see it in you and I see it in me) :)

Name as many qualities, talents or strengths as you wish, that’s one powerful apple!


Bountiful Goddess and Lord of the harvest
Thank you for bringing us safely to this season
Thank you for all that nourishes and sustains us
I give thanks for the abundance and joy of the harvest
I have known the light, laughter and the fertility of the seasons,
I see it  in the land, all around me, and within me
Thank you for your many blessingsOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



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