The Secrets of Fire

November 12, 2013 in From the Hearth, Guests, Hearth and Home, Uncategorized by Dawne Skeye

Samhain has gone and we are still under the sun’s Scorpio influence, while the full moon rises in Taurus. The bull is stable and reliable and concerned with earthly practical matters, things like responsibility, keeping traditions, the firm steady pace, financial security, devotion to family, friends and causes. Taurus is known for being resistant to change as well as being patient, though if pushed enough the bull will see red and charge, the temper flares over things that seem trivial to others, though it’s really about the pent up energy.

Scorpio has a lot of negative associations, the exploding angry volcano, betrayer, deceiver, and being the “worst nightmare” of the zodiac. The scorpion is an intense and emotional water sign ruled by Pluto, the Underworld influence creates a need for privacy and silence even when emotions and insights are profound.  This sign is about loyalty, meaning, purposeful living, being sensitive, financial flow, investigation, observation, passionate commitment and personal power; it also brings jealousy, secrecy, being possessive, hidden manipulation, betrayal, power and control, anger and death into the mix. Have you noticed that Samhain arrives under the sign of Scorpio? You might want to explore that sometime.

One aspect of Scorpio is about the secrets we hide from others and from ourselves, usually because we are afraid of the energy or thoughts around it and we fear being judged if people really knew what was going on inside. Our shadow has a lot of associations with fire, Scorpio and Mars, some of these energies have been buried so deeply or bottled up and hidden so well, we have to deliberately provoke or search for them in the shadows. It’s important to recognise these energies are part of the journey of being and have valuable information if we take the time to seek and listen to their wisdom.

Fire energy can be very intense, it’s important to allow the flow, rather than stopping or stuffing it down and you want to manage it so that it doesn’t cause harm. If it happens at work or in a situation where the warring aspect isn’t helpful, acknowledge the energy and project it through your feet into the ground, remember to breathe deeply and come back to balance. When you get the chance, look for connections between thoughts, feelings, circumstances and situations that provoked the energy, I find mind mapping a useful tool. When you explore these thoughts there’s a very strong possibility the energy will reactivate and when it does it’s really important to have a physical-kinetic outlet for the energy to leave your body.  Things like pounding a pillow, beating up a yoga ball, playing 1 player squash, chopping wood, target practise, or other physically demanding tasks work well, just make certain there is no possibility of directing the energy towards another person or living creature, the goal is to release safely, without harm to self or others.  It might be helpful to tell your family what you are doing too, just so they don’t get scared or confused by your actions and some colourful words that inevitably sneak out!

This next part is about provoking the hidden aspects with words; the purpose is to bring them out of the shadow. If any words act like a trigger they are important to note. Consider these fire Mars/Scorpio words: Secrecy, conflict, exploitation, obsession, pressure, clash, change, charge, force, war, battle, oppose, rebellion, movement, devastation, annihilate, ruin, rage, fury, combat, defiance, destruction, power, violence, possession and jealousy. What are your reactions to these words? Do they make you uncomfortable? Why do you have this reaction? What is the hidden message that lives in your shadow?

All things have duality and the fire of Mars/Scorpio energy also has its positive aspects. If you never experienced or thought about the energies associated with the first group of words, what motivation would you have to create change in your life and the world you live in? If you are always happy and content, why would you want things to shift, even if they could be better?  The fire energies bring awareness into our being, taking the time to discover the cause of intense emotions creates a different kind of fire, a force of positive change.

Here are some more words associated with fire and Mars/Scorpio, again we are luring the energies out of the shadow, take note of any triggers: Assertive, confident, action, achievement, constructive, beneficial, dynamic, courageous, spirited, brave, expressive, daring, fearless, free, open, truthful, hero, champion, leader, organizer, passion, excitement, power, self reliant, spontaneous. What are your reactions to these words? What thoughts and energies do you associate with them? What forces of strength and change do you keep hidden from yourself and from others?

Write down any words that cause intense feelings and think about what the energy represents in your life. Is there some current situation that needs to change, are you holding onto a grudge from the past? Does something make your blood boil? How can you take that energy and use it for creating positive change? Maybe it’s a passionate flame for a skill or talent you have or wish to pursue, how can you use that to benefit your life, or the community? Is there an area of your life that needs the fierce flame of courage, or is something occurring that’s burning you out? Are you spontaneous like a spark or a reliable slow burn of warmth?

Fire brings light to the shadows and allows us to see what is really there; we can take this knowledge and make a conscious choice to keep things hidden or to create change in our lives. Fire then fuels our actions and lends us strength and courage to take the necessary steps of the journey. At times we may feel depleted and fire becomes the power that allows us to “just keep swimming” until the task is done.firey

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Happy fire tending!


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